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Exclusive Technologies

Welcome to Boyadjian Dental Clinic, where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate dental care. We are proud to be at the forefront of dental innovation, offering our patients the latest and most advanced treatments available. Our exclusive technologies ensure precision, comfort, and faster recovery times, setting us apart in the world of dentistry.

From digital dental scans to state-of-the-art treatment methodologies, we prioritize your oral health and comfort. Experience the future of dental care today, only at Boyadjian Dental Clinic. Your smile deserves nothing but the best! 


We understand that root canal treatment is one of your major concerns in dentistry. Therefore, we proudly introduce our tool from Sirona: the SiroEndo. With this tool, we offer solutions that guarantee success. We can effectively eliminate germs and bacteria, even in the hard-to-reach dentinal tubules of the root canal. Fear no more; with us, it will be a great day!



The Vector system uses ultrasonic energy tailored for dental procedures. It gently removes biofilm and calculus without harming hard or soft tissues. This enhances root cleaning via a particle suspension. The Vector device targets the tooth environment, eliminating harmful microorganisms, cleaning periodontal pockets, and polishing roots without causing injury. This ultrasonic method has proven effective in treating periodontal diseases, offering a low-pain solution. With Vector, treatments are quicker, less painful, and more comfortable than traditional methods.


Whitening System | Plasma Ray

At Boyadjian Dental Clinic, we offer teeth whitening to remove stains and enhance color using advanced plasma ray technology. Whitening results vary; some see dramatic changes, others less so. Most patients experience no pain, but some may feel sensitivity, which usually subsides in 48 hours. We provide gels for relief and advise avoiding temperature extremes post-treatment. For safety, we protect gums and lips during the procedure. Given risks with some home kits, always seek dentist-supervised whitening.


ezLase | BioLase

The ComfortPulse™ offers efficient cutting with short, high-power pulses, allowing tissue relaxation for enhanced patient comfort and reduced anesthetic need.


  • Efficient soft tissue treatments.

  • Sulcular debridement.

  • Biopsies and exposure of hidden teeth.

  • Fibroma and gingival issues addressed.

  • Crown impression preparation.

  • Hemostasis, coagulation, and implant recovery.

  • Abscess treatment and leukoplakia.

  • Oral papillectomies and pulpotomy.

  • Root canal therapy adjunct.

  • Gingival hypertrophy reduction.

  • Ulcer treatments.

  • Vestibuloplasty.



CEREC offers a swift restoration of decayed or damaged teeth using a 3D system. In one visit, an infrared scanner captures a tooth's image, which is then designed on CEREC's computer. The design is sent to a milling machine, producing a ceramic crown for immediate bonding.


  • No bluish gum or dark crown lines.

  • Metal-free, biocompatible restorations.

  • Avoids traditional impressions and temporaries.

  • One-visit solution.

  • Widely trusted with numerous global restorations.

  • High esthetic results in a single session.


Digital X-Ray

Digital radiography system makes it easy to capture and analyze dental radiographs quickly in less than a minute. no unnecessary waiting periods.

irreplaceable sensing and imaging technology...


Quick Sleep

This technique can be performed with no lag time, no risk of necrosis, no numbness for the patient, and no failures! Abolish intrapulpal and nerve block anesthesias forever...

We can perform perfectly controlled injections with the greatest of ease, without causing pain or trauma for our patients, concentrating solely on the injection points.

According to this technique, we guarantee that you will finally experience really painless anesthesia!


Fluid Abrasion

Dental advancements have ushered in adhesive materials that are cosmetic and conserve tooth structure. Aquacut, designed to optimize these materials, offers a gentler alternative to traditional drills, which can be noisy and invasive. Aquacut uses a water-surrounded powder stream, eliminating direct tooth contact, noise, and discomfort.


Patient-friendly cavity preparation.
Cost-effective compared to hard tissue lasers.
Efficient, with high patient approval.
No vibration or noise.
Preserves tooth material, ideal for composite repairs.
Surpasses hard tissue lasers in versatility.


Panoramic Digital X-Ray

As Boyadjian Dental Clinic’s policy indicates to follow the technology and always stay up-to-date;

we have obtained the next generation of X-ray products:
The ORTHOPHOS XG 5 panoramic device, achieves:

- Accurate and reliable X-ray images
- Simple operation
- Cleaner, faster workflow
- Clear diagnosis
- Lower radiation doses
- Reduce hazards
- Uncomplicated image transfer referrals
- No unnecessary waiting periods

Ready for a radiant smile? Contact Boyadjian's Dental Clinic today. We're here to guide you towards optimal dental health. Let's craft your perfect smile together!

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